Book Index

Is your name in the book? 

It's the unpublished INDEX--46 pages--A-Z

Adolph Hitler to Artspace and Augie's;

Zoe Sealy to the Ziegield Follies!

The Biggest Dance, the 1801 tap dancers who opened the Hennepin for the Arts 

Is your name in it? 

It's the unpublished INDEX--46 pages--A-Z

Adolph Hitler to Artspace and Augie's;

Zoe Sealy to the Ziegield Follies!

The Biggest Dance, the 1801 tap dancers who opened the Hennepin for the Arts 

And Big!"  World Records in the Streets and Tap Dancing Galore!

Index, Alphabetical: People, Places, Organizations, Music Title, Show, Book

The Biggest Dance; A Miracle on Concrete, by Beth Obermeyer

North Star Press, St. Cloud MN

Includes Big! World Records in the Streets, Plus Tap Dancing Galore! 

Person/Org.                   Music/Show/Book Places 

“10,000 Lakes and a Few Wierdos”

1801 signatures

1977 Christmas Show

1-A Bus

34th Street

4th District Republican Party

528 Hennepin

6th St Transit Station

           6th Street


Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Adolf Hitler


Al Hofstede


Alex Stazely

Alice Flink

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Lon The Champagne Lady


All Star Shoe Band

Allen Verrant

Alysia Paulson

                                               Amazing Grace

America’s Got Talent

American Ballet Theatre

Amy Shulman

Andrea Carol-Fronk

Andrew Sisters

Andy Rooney

Animal House

Ann Miller

Ann Streitz

Anna McEvoy

Anne Brataas

Anne Marie (Daugherty)

Anne Michaels

Annie Scheumbauer

                                               Anything Goes


Aquatennial Parade


Arne Raymond

Art in Public Places

Art Materials


Asahi Evening News

Aspen Design Conference

Aspen the Afghan Hound

Associated Press

Aubrey Ford



Australian National Ballet



Baker Properties

Ballet Arts

Ballet of the Dolls

Bancroft Neighborhood Association

Bancroft School

Bankson-Almquist Agency, Inc.

Barbara Carlson

Barbara Flanagan

Barbara Lotsberg

Barbi Lee’s School of Dance

Barrett High School

Barrett MN

Basilica of St. Mary

Battlestar Gallactica

BB Breakers

BBC British Broadcasting Company



Becky (Stanchfield)

Bee Gees

                                               Begin the Beguine

Ben Vereen

Benilde-St. Margaret’s

Benny Goodman

Beth Obermeyer

Better Homes & Gardens

Betty Lane

Bev Ruddman’s School of Dance

Beverly Chalfen

Beverly Semon

Big Bird

Big Lake High School

Big Wheel Auto


Bil Baird

Bill James

Bill Robinson

Bill Sands

Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair

                                               Black Swan

Blake School

Block E

Bloomington Kennedy High School

Blue Heron Café

                                               Blue Skies

Bob Boucher

Bob Dayton

Bob De Flores

Bob Jani

Bob Parker

Bob Roth

Bob Sartor

Bob Schmitt


Bomb Beauty, Iowa State University

Bonnie Carlson Lindberg

Bonnie Mathis

Boone & Erickson

Borders Books

                                               Born to Dance


Bower Hawthorne

Braham High School


                                               Brainerd Dispatch

Breakfast with Santa

Brenda Kalatzes

Brendan Elliott

Bridgeman’s Ice Cream Parlours and Restaurants



Broadway Melody

                                               Broadway Melody of 1940

Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Park

Brooks Quinby

Brown Institute

Bruce Vento

Brum & Anderson Public Relations

Buffalo Center, Iowa

Bumper (Kirsten) Appel

Burnsville High School

Business in the Arts Award

Business Salutes the Arts Week

Butch Thompson

Butler Drug

Butler Square

Cafe del-Arte

Calamity Jane

Calvary Evangelical Congregational Church

Camel Cigarettes

Camille Hankes

Campbell Mithun Esty Public Relations

Campbell’s Mushroom Soup



Capezio Taps

Capezio Teletone Taps

Carl Flink

Carl Zigrosser

Carlton Stewart

Carol Ann MacKay

Carol Blair

Carol Bly

Carolyn Lenner


Cedar Lake Car Wash

Cedar Lake Florists

Celeste Sartor Roth

Central Neighborhood Association

Channel 5       

Char Weiss

Charleen Bacigalupo

Charles Askegard,

Charles Kuralt

Charles McFadden

Charlie Bush

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Titles

Charlotte Sunderlin

Cheshire Cat

Chicago Lake Florist

Children‘s Theatre

Children’s Book Week

Chrissy O’Brien


Christopher Plummer

Church’s Chicken


Circuit Breakers

City Center

                                               Claire de Lune

Clark Oil & Refining Company

Clear Lake, Iowa

Cleo Dvoracek

Cliff “Don Juan” Alexis

Clint Eastwood

Cloris Leachman

Coco Chanel

Columbia Heights

Committee on the Urban Environment

Community Education

Community Education, Minneapolis

Composers’ Forum

Convention Center

Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids High School

Cooper School

Corcoran Park

Corporate Chorus Line

Cowles Center for the Performing Arts

Craig MacIntosh

Cricket Theatre

Cromwell High School

Cromwell MN

Crystal Larson

Crystal Sugar Plant                                                     Mason City, Iowa

Cucumber Slicing

CUE Award

Custard Pie Throwing

Custom Camera

Cyd Smith

D Ann’s Dance School

Dale Harris

Damon Dickson

Dan Fogelberg

Dance Centre of London

Dance Centre of London

Dance Factory

Dancing One-Hundred

Danny Kaye

Darcy Pohland

Dave Gannon

Dave Moore

David “Bam Bam” Lyell

David Boehm

David Boehm

David Durenberger

David Germain

David Lerner

David Voss

David’s School of Dance


Davis Noteboon,

Dayton’s Department Store

Dayton’s Jublilee Sale

Dean Diggins

Dean Martin

Deanna Carlson

DeAnne Roberg

Deb Gibson

Debbie Lazar

Dee Anne’s Dance Studio

Deeann Dance

Deeann’s Dance Studio, Deephaven


Del Mar


Denise Badalich Dance Studio

Denise Yackel

Denny Dahl

Des Moines


Diana McEvoy

Diane Haveland

Diane Norman

Diane Schmidt

Dick Earl

Dick Hanson

Dick Nelson

Directory Magazine


Disney’s Table Tennis Center


Dodgers Stadium


Domino Toppling

Dommie (Obermeyer)

Dommie (Renata, “Midge”) Obermeyer

Don Del Fiacco

                                               Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else But Me

Donald Hutera


Donna Amundson

Doris Rausch

Dorn Communications Public Relations

Dorothy Lundstrom

Dorothy Lundstrom

Dorothy Rae Dance School


Doug Barends

Doug Bush


Downtown Council

Dr. C. McDougall

Dr. Frank Bencriscutto

Dr. G. J. Sartor

Duling Optical

Duluth, MN

Dungeons & Dragons

Dun-Rite Cleaners

East Lake Animal Clinic                

East Lake Liquor

Easter Parade

                                               Easter Parade 

Eastney Royal Marine Barracks


Ed Holmburg                          

Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie High School

Edie Meissner

Edina Mayor C. Wayne Courtney

Edward T. Meyer

Ehrhardt Brothers


El Lago Theatre

Elayne Galleries

Eleanor Powell

Elizabeth Persico

Elk River High School

Ellen Shulman

Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc.

Elmer Nelson

Elmer the Tree

Elmore High School

Emily Kagan


Esther Brindle Dance Theatre

Eubie Blake


Event Guru

Everette “Nature Boy” Kimbrough


Fairmont MN


                                               Family Circus

Family Recreation Center


Faribault MN

Farmers Market

Farmers’ Round Up

Father Hennepin

Father O’Connell

Federal Reserve Bank

Finding Waldo

First Avenue                                                  

First Bank

First Bank Minnehaha

First Bloomington Lake National Bank

First Communion

Fitzgerald Theatre



Folwell School

Fonda-Burpee (Tish)

Forbes Magazine


Fort Snelling

Fort Snelling

Foshay Tower

Fourth of July

Frank Bourman

Fred & Ginger

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire Film Festival

Free School

Freud                                       Ripley’s Believe It Or Not


Friends of the St. Paul Public Library


Frogtown Neighborhood Association

                                                           Front Runner


Garden of Eden

Garrison Keillor

Gay ‘90’s

Gay Men’s Chorus

Gayle Peterson


Gene Kelly

Genevieve Lyon

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square

Ginger Rogers


Gohl Family, St. Paul

Good Company

                                               Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Goose Pond

Governor Al Quie

Governor’s Mansion

                                               Grammar Rules

Grand Central Station

Graves 601 Hotel

Graywolf Press

Greater Lake Street Council

Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce

Gregorian Chant

Gregory Hines

Gretchen “Sugar Pop” Schneider

Gretchen Craig

Gretchen Craig, PTA

Grey Eagle High School

Group Five Advertising

Guinness Lady

                                               Guinness Record Book

Guthrie Theater

Guy Berg


Haas Display

                                               Happy Birthday

Hard Rock Café

Harvey MacKay

Hastings High School


Head Start

Head Start

Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre

Heist (Becky)

Heliotrope Bouquet

Hennepin Avenue

Hennepin Avenue Block Party

Hennepin Avenue Merchants Association

Hennepin Avenue Transit Station

Hennepin Center for the Arts

Hennepin County

Hennepin Improvement People

Hennepin Merchants Block Party

Henry Charles Smith

                                               Herald Wire Services

Herb Delott

Herb Whitemore

Herbie Berkus

Hiawatha YMCA

Highland Park High School

Hiromichi Yamagata

Hirshfield’s Paint

Hmong financial, grocery, medical services

Hmong, Lao and American Translation Services


Home School

Honda Town


Hopkins Eisenhower High School

Hopkins Lindbergh High School

HOT CHA! Parade

House Committee on Un-American Activities

Housing and Urban Development

Howe School

Hyatt Hotel

                                               I Can Do That

I‘m A Yankee Doodle Dandy

                                               I’ve Got Rhythm

                                               Ice Follies 


Ida Seibel

Illusion Theatre

Import Auto Specialist

Incarnation School & Parish 

                                                           Incredible Kids

Independent Republican Party

Indian Drum/Dance

International Market Square

International Tap Day

Iowa Hawkeye Band                                                              Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Iowa State University

Iowa Tulip Festival


Irma Lyon

Isles Deli                                                                    

Itinerant whistler, Butler Square

J&L Academy

Jack Dietrich

Jack Quinby

Jackie Crosby

Jackson Pollock

Jackson School

Janet Lang


Jazz Dance, the Story of American Vernacular Dance in America

Jean (Roth) Marinelli

Jean Rosebrock

Jeannette Scibilia

Jeannette’s School of Dance

Jeff Strickler

Jelly Roll Morton

Jennifer Buzzelle

Jennifer Kral

Jerry Hoffman

Jerry the bus driver, MTC

Jesse Ventura


Jesus People Church

Jill Sinn’s Eden Prairie Dance Arts Center

Jim Fudali

Jim Kirkholm

Joan E. Murphy

Joan Mondale

Joan of Arts

Joel Gray

Joel Quie

Joel Thom

John Clark Donahue

John Cowles

John Linnerson

John Philip Sousa

John Roth

Johnnie “Electric Boogie Breaker” Young

Johnny Howard, community activist, emcee

Jolly Green Giant                   Variety, Minneapolis Star

Jonathan “Kicks-Ville Breaker” Wright

Jordan Realty

Jorja Lynn

Joseph E. Baker

Josh Hernandez

Judy Garland

Judy Geck

Judy Larson Berry

Judy Zaitz

Julie Rochat

Julie Roth

Julie Bloor

Julie Causey

Julie Sartor

K’s Dance School

Kandy Cane

Kappa Alpha Theta

Karamazov Brothers

Karen Melvin

Karl Kassulke

Kay Siebold

Kellogg Boulevard

Kelly Erhardt Housley

Ken DeLap

Kendra Berge

                                                                                   Kensett, Iowa


                                                                                   Kenwood Parkway

Kerker Associates Public Relations

Kick the Can, Palio

Kick the Can, Hotcha Parade

Kieran’s Irish Pub

King James Bible


Knights of Columbus, #435

Knoxville: Summer of 1915


Kristen Malmberg

Kristin Obermeyer

Kristin Spykerman

KSTP Radio


Kyle Eastwood

La Crescent High School

LA Film Festival

La Salle Courtyard

Lake Country School

Lake Havasu

Lake of the Isles

Lake Street

Lake Street Council

LAKE STREET participation LIST, in World’s Longest Bucket Brigade

Land of Loon Arts and Crafts Festival

Landmark Center

Laura Gilmer

Laurel & Hardy

Laurel Conviser

Laurence Shulman

Laurie Sanftner

Laurie’s School of Dance

Lavonne Peterson

Lawrence Halprin, architect

Lawrence Hutera

Lawrence Welk

                                               Lawrence Welk Show

Lee Lathrup

Left Handers’ Association

Lemonade Concert

Lemonade Concert

Lennon Sister

Leslie Bennett Daly

Leslie Chapman-Lee

Leslie Park

Leslie Wolfson

Linda Joseph

Linda Reichow

Linda Schatzlein

Lisa Beller

Lisa Depraved                        

Lisa Hayes

Lisa McLean

Lise Houlton

List of dance schools, participants in World’s Longest Tap Dance, other events

Little Brothers of the Poor

Little League

Little Leaguers

Liza Minnelli                                      A Chorus Line

Loft Literary Center


Long & Keys Architect

Longfellow Park

Lorelei Cole

Lorelei’s Wonderful World of Children

Loren Blixt

Loring Park

Loring Park Nutcracker

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Louana Mitchell

Love Makes A Difference

Loyce Houlton                       

Lucia Lynn

Luella Sartor

LuLu Baird

Lumber Exchange Building

Lunds Grocery Store


Luttmers (Nancy)

Lynda McHale

Lyndale Neighborhood Association


Lynn Strehlow

MAC Marketing Advertising Communications Professional

MacPhail Center for the Arts



Main Street

Mankato State University

Marcia Chapman                   

Marcia Galle

Marcus Jackson           

Margaret Morris

Margaret Tsvberg

Marilyn Mack

Marilyn Nelson

Mark Obermeyer

Mark “Flash” Arias                           

Mark Enderlin

Mark Sunberg                      

Mark Townes

Market Street Tappers


Marquette Avenue

Marquette Bank

Marquette Lake Bank

Marshall Stearns

Martin Luther King Park

Martin Sabo

Mary Ida Thomson

Mary K. Kennedy

Mary McEvoy

Mary Ruth Custer

Mary Ruth Dance Studio

Mary Tyler Moore

Masonic Temple

Mass Break Dance

Maternity Tap

Matthew Sidotti

Maureen Glance

Maureen Wright

Maurice Adelsheim


Mayor Albert Hofstede

Mayor Don Fraser

Mayor F. Wayne Courtney, Edina

Mayor George Latimer

Mayor James Scheibel

Mayor of Ibaraki, Japan

McCall Johnson



Melissa Williams

Meredith Willson

Meriam Park

Merrill Anderson

Merrill Swanson



Metropolitan Boys Choir

Michael Dennis Browne

Michael Ford

Michael Henley

Michael Sahlen

Michael Streitz

Michelle Pfeiffer

Mickey’s Diner

Midas Muffler

Midas Muffler Shop


Mika Spasejovich

Mike Kapra

Mike Lynn

Mike Mika

Mike Steele

Minda Associates Public Relations

Minneapolis Campfire Girls

Minneapolis Edison High School

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Minneapolis Park Board

Minneapolis Police Band

Minneapolis Public Arts Award

Minneapolis Rowing Club

Minneapolis South High School

Minneapolis Southwest High School

Minneapolis Star Journal

 Minneapolis Technical College

Minneapolis Tribune

Minneapolis, MN

Minnehaha Academy

Minnehaha Recreation Center


Minnesota Association of Hospitals

Minnesota Book Awards

Minnesota Dance Theatre

Minnesota Festival of the Book

Minnesota Orchestra

Minnesota Public Radio

                                               Minnesota Rouser

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Zoo

Minnetonka High School

Miriam Nelson

Miss Legs Contest

Miss Mason City

Miss Piggy     


Mississippi River

Mo Heiney

Moby Dick’s Bar

Mona Meyer and McGrath Public Relations

Montgomery High School

Moppet Players

Morton Gould

Mounds View



Mpls St Paul Magazine

Mr. Gatti’s

Mr. Teener

Mrs. G.F. Bennett


Museum of Fine Arts



Myron Handeland

Myron Johnson

Narum Shoes

National Dance Day                                                              

National Loon-Calling Champion

National Register of Historic Places

Nativity Soft Ball

Nemer Fieger Public Relations

New Brighton Irondale High School

                                                                                   New Hampshire

New Hope Cooper High School

New Year’s Eve on the River

New York

New York City Ballet Company

New York Times

Nicollet Bear

Nicollet Mall

Night Train



Noah Adams

Noah Freed

Norris D. McWhirter

North Country American Volleyball Association

North Korea

Northwest Institute of Medical Lab. Technique

Northwestern Bank

Northwestern Bell

Norwest Bank

Norwood Central High School

Notre Dame                           

Nuereyev                                Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour

Nutcracker Fantasy

O.D. Gay


Offshoot Choreographers Concert


Orchestra Hall

Orpheum Theatre

Orville K. Rassett


                                               Over the Rainbow

Oxley Marshall Associates Public Relations

Ozone Dance Company

Ozzie Haas

P. J. Doyle

Pacific Northwest Ballet Company, Seattle

Padilla & Speer Public Relations

Painter Park

Pam Flink


Park Center

Partyline Enterprises              US Magazine

Pat Fletcher Studios

Pat Lindquist

Pat Peare School of Dance

Pat Pivec

Pat Short

Pat’s Dance Studio

Patricia Mack

Paul Draper

Paul Feller

Paul Hannaman

Paul Williams

Paul Williams Tire Company

Peavey Plaza

Peggy Seipp

Pella, Iowa

Pennsylvania Avenue

Pepsi Cola

Performing Arts

                                                                                   Perth, Australia

Peter Ford

Peter Pan

Phelps Park

Phil Disch

Phil Hey

Philip Prowse

Phillips Neighborhood Improvement Association

Pillsbury Company


Piper, Jaffray and Hopwood

Playboy Club

Playboy Girl

Playpen Olympics


Plymouth, Wayzata High School


Portsmouth, England

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

                                               Powdermilk Biscuit Song


                                               Prairie Home Commonplace Book; 25 Years with Garrison Keillor

Prairie Home Companion


Prince Charming

Prince Poppycock

Professional in Residence

Prudence Johnson

Prudential Life Insurance

Psyche Hoye


Punkin Hubbell                                                           Des Moines

Purple Rain

Queen of RataTap

Queen’s Court Studio

R T Rybak

Raggedy Ann

Rainbow Café

Randolph Ltd. Public Relations

Randy Lee Hendler


Rebecca Orman

Rebekah Kohler

Red McLeod                           1812 Overture 

Red the drummer

Regene Redneicki

ReNae Baechler

Renance Studio

Rev. Donald Meisler

Rhodie Smith

Rice Park

Richard Guindon


Rifle Sport Gallery

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

River Lake Standard Station


Robbinsdale Armstrong

Robert Alwine

Robert Corbitt                                                                        Los Angeles

Robert Falk                                        

Robert Girouard

Robert Halliday

Robert Moulton

Robin Steiner

Rock of Ages Missionary Baptist Church


Rockettes Danceline

Rod Martin

Roger Erickson

Roger Suneson

Ronnie from Rochester (Olivetto)

Roosevelt High School Cheerleaders

Roosevelt Rockette Danceline


Rose Lorenz


Rosemary Willson


Rosie Radiator

Rowing Club

Roy Castle

Royal Sil-O-Ettes, cloggers

Royal Typewriter

Ruby Keeler

Russ Bankson

Rusty Grand

Ruth Draper

S E Asian Ministry

S.R. Pasteur Shoe Store

Sabathani Center

Sage Cowles

Saint Paul Public Library

Sally Criticos

Salvador Dali

Salvation Army

Sam Morrison

Samuel Barber

                                                                                   San Francisco

Sandra Hale

Sanford School


Sarah Quie

Sarajevo Olympics

Savion Glover

Sawatdee Restaurant


Schatzlein’s Western


Schmitt Music

School of Dance Etc.

Science Museum of Minnesota

Scott Joplin                                                                

Scott Killian

Scott Thompson

Scott Walker  


Selva Taps

Seminar list, TA DA! Special Events Presentations

Senator Davie Durenburger

Senator Rudy Boschwitz

Senior Citizen Club

                                               Sesame Street 

Seward School


Shannon Kennedy

Shari Sinn

Shari Sinn’s School of Dance

Sharon Anderson                    Dance Magazine

Shave and a Hair Cut, Two Bits!

Shinders Book Store

Shirley Dalton

Shirley Temple

Shirt Shack

Shouter-Outers (PR people)

Shovel Dance

Shubert Theatre

Sibley Park

Sil-O-Ette Cloggers

Silver Lake High School

Simon Legree

Singin’ in the Rain

Sister Kenney Institute

Sivanich Music and Dance

Skyway News

Smokey Turner


Snow White

So You Think You Can Dance

Society for the Blind

Soderberg Florists

Sol Hurok

Sonic Breakers

Sonny Lyon

Sons of Norway

Sophie Teener

Sound of Music


South Dakota

South High School

South Parks Consolidated

South St. Paul High School

Spring Valley High School

St Paul Humboldt High School

St Paul Pioneer Press

St. Albert the Great Parish and School

St. Anthony Main

St. Cloud Daily Times

St. Louis Park Parkettes

St. Paul Cretin High School

St. Paul Harding

St. Paul Highland High School

                                               St. Paul Pioneer Press

St. Paul Public Library

St. Paul Ramsey Arts and Science Council

St. Paul YWCA

St. Stephanus Lutheran Church

St. Thomas the Apostle Church

Stage Door of Performing Arts

Stanford University

Star Beauty East Lake

State Capitol

State Theatre

Stephanie Johnson

Sterling Publishing Company

Steve Adelman and Sharon Anderson

Steve Cannon

Steve Schussler

Stewart & Stewart


Strawberry Shortcake

Student Public Relations Society of America

                                               Stump the Taps

Stunt Night at the Playground

Stunts and Miscellaneous Endeavors

Sue Anderson

Sue Frase

Sue Streed

Sugar Plum Fairy

Summer Pleasures Parade

Sunbeam Appliances

Sunny Side of the Street

Sunsight Books

Super America

Super Bowl

Super Valu

Supporters of Salute to the Disabled       

Susan Bailly

Susan Eilertsen

Susan Niefield


Swimmy the Turtle


TA DA! City Celebrations

TA DA! Special Events

Taco Bell

Tammy Spensley

Tap Capitol of the World

Tap Day

Tap Day in Hennepin County

Tap Teachers Seminar

Tap-dancing Pope


TC Sidebanders (CB’S)

Teddy Roosevelt

Teener Theatrical Store

Tempo Studio of Dance

Teresa Rolf


Thank You List; Organizations/Citizens Thanked Formally

The Boat Show

                                               The Bomb

The Break Dance Boys                                  

The Byrds

The Carlson Company

The Carpenters

The Children’s Museum

The City Youth Center

The Conservatory

The Corner Store

The Criminals, Ryan Plumbing

The Dance Studio

The Depression

The Directory

The Fed

The Great Shake

The Great Tap Festival

The Heartbreakers

The Kaleidoscope

The Karate Chop

The Lake Street Bootery

                                               The Legendary Houses of Lake Minnetonka

The Little Goatherd

The Loft Literary Center

The Masons

                                               The Minneapple

                                               The Music Man

The New French Café

                                               The People on the Bus

The Pizza Company

The Rand Hotel

The Roosevelt Rockettes

The Steele Family. 

The Tapping Nutcracker

The Tommie Tappers

The Vatican

The Woman’s Club

Theatre for the Deaf

Theresa Borah

Therese McDonald

Thomas Dale Block Club

Thomas/Dale Community Center

Tim Thompson

Tim Jordan

Tim Moen

Tito Christenson

Tom Obermeyer

Tom Bernett

Tom Nolan

Tom Roth

Tony “Tutone” Mosley

Tony Gallahue

Tony Taylor

Tony’s Shoe Repair

Top Tappers of 1936

Top That! Event Publicity

Totino Grace

Trancas Dormitory, Stanford

Tri Star Pictures

Triumphant Choir

Troy Randall

True Value Hardware


                                               TV Guide


Twilight Zone

                                                                                               Twin Cities

                                                                                               Twin Cities

Twin Cities

Twin Cities Reader

Twin Cities Today

Twin City Breakers

Tyheesha Collins

U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and Friends

U.K. Breakers                        

Uncle Sam

Union Square

United Press International

United Way


University of Chicago

University of Minnesota


                                                           US Magazine

USA Today

USC University of Southern California

Vanessa Carlson


Vici Erhardt Housley


Vietnamese bakery, grocery store, restaurants 

Vietnamese Catholic Ministry

Vikings Cheerleaders

Village People

Vince Kumerow

Virginia MN

Vivian Radcliff’s Bridal Shower        


Wahpeton, ND

Walker Art Center

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Walter Mondale

Washington DC

Washington Monument

Washington Post

Watermelon Bust Queen        

Waterville, Waterville-Ellysian High School 



Weather Ball

Weisman Building

Wendy Gilmer

West Point

Western Airlines

Western State Bank

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westview High School

                                               What’s New

White Knights

Whittier Alliance

Whittier Park

Wilder Foundation


Wizard of OZ

Women in Communication

Women of Nations

Women of Nations/Eagles Nest


Word of Mouth Public Relations

World Theatre

World’s Largest Marching Band

World’s Largest Marching Band Picnic

World’s Largest Tap Dance

World’s Longest Bucket Brigade

World’s Longest Chorus Line


Wyld Rice


                                               Y M C A

Yang See Travel Center

                                               Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yero, Russell

YMCA, Urban West Central

Young Americans

Yves St. Laurent

Ziegfield Follies

Zita Hawley

Zoe Sealy Dance Center

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